INVITATION FOR OFFERS: Buying a new car with leasing
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SOS Children's Villages Foundation Kosovo is a non-governmental social care organization dedicated to supporting children without parental care and children in need, regardless of ethnicity, nationality and religion

SOS Children's Villages for the needs of the Regional Project "Youth Empowerment Enabling Prospects YEEP" II, a project which is implemented in northern Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and in Kosovo by SOS Children's Villages Kosovo, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic and Development Cooperation - BMZ and the Hermann Gmeiner Germany – HGFD, aims to improve employment opportunities and active participation of young people at risk in the labour market; Invites specialized companies interested to offer for: Buying a new car with leasing

We hereby announce an Invitation to Offer for all authorized car leasing companies

Interested companies can receive the specification until:06.12.2023 at the email address:
[email protected]

The bidder must submit:

  • Business registration certificate/ NUI
  • Prices must be quoted in euros without VAT (including all other accompanying expenses if any.
  • The offer must be signed and sealed/ or on paper with an official logo
  • Evidence/Authorization that you are a dealer and service authorized by the vehicle manufacturer
  • The car's warranties should be mentioned in the offer
  • The deadline for the delivery of the car is no later than 3 days from the date of signing the contract. (within December 2023).

Bid validity must be (30 days)from the closing date of the Invitation to Bid

Upon signing the contract, the selected bidder must submit evidence that the responsible person and the business owner are not under investigation for criminal offenses/or tax certification.

Interested bidders can submit the documents and the sealed bid in an envelope (2 copies), signed by the legal representative and marked with the code "Car Offer". Offers must be submitted by the date: 07.12.2023 at the offices of SOS Children's Villages Kosovo, at the address Velania 1 Tetori, p.n. Pristina every working day from 09:00-15:00.

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