Terms of Reference: EREA Data collection consultancy
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Interested consultants/companies are requested to submit an electronic copy of their proposal by July 25,
2024, with the subject line: REF: “EREA Data Collection Proposal” to Ms. Behare Mlinaku, Monitoring
and Evaluation Manager – [email protected] with [email protected] and [email protected] in the CC
Applicants must submit:

  • CVs of all individuals included in the consultancy team. Please note to have all CVs formatted in
    a uniform fashion.
  • Proposal narrative which includes the consultants’/companies’ suitability for the assignment,
    previous work experience, qualifications, and sector expertise. Please include any past relevant
    work that might demonstrate knowledge of sector or proposed methodologies (maximum 2).
  • Draft workplan which includes dates, milestones, team members assigned, and any other details
    to demonstrate an adequate level of resourcing within the proposed timeframe.
  • Budget broken down by deliverables and individual daily fees. Please note transport costs need to
    be included in the budget offer. Note: The financial offer should present the costs involved,
    including the price per day for each team member proposed to be engaged in the project and the
    price per interview or data collection activity conducted by the team. Given the variable nature of
    the project's engagement duration throughout the year, the financial evaluation will be focused
    also on the price per unit, and the overall cost. The ceiling of the budget is 8,000 EUR,
    corresponding to a maximum of 25 engagement days per year.
  • The financial offer must include prices without VAT and with VAT.

The proposal will be evaluated by using the Best Value for Money Approach (combined scoring method).
The technical proposal will be evaluated with 80% weight, whereas the financial section will be evaluated
at the remaining 20%. Offers that do not include all submission requirements will not be evaluated and
considered ineligible.

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