Request for Proposals (RFP): Internal Audit Reporting Tool for Central Harmonization Department
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Request for Proposals (RFP) No. RFP–KMI–2023–002

Internal Audit Reporting Tool for Central Harmonization Department

USAID KMI will issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) to procure an Internal Audit Reporting Tool for the Central Harmonization Department (CHD) within the Ministry of Finance, Labor and Transfers (MoFLT) that will ultimately support the Ministry itself and Budgetary Organizations of the Republic of Kosovo in enhancing the Public Financial Management. This Internal Audit Reporting Tool will enable internal audit units within budgetary organizations and other public institutions to enter periodical narrative reports, performance indicators, as well as other data required by CHD regulations. In turn, the tool will then enable CHD to quickly aggregate and analyze reporting data from all such internal audit units and provide objective reporting to the MoFLT on the health of internal controls at Kosovo budget organizations. The system will also serve CHD to manage registers of certified auditors, trained auditors as well as other mandatory data on auditors and internal audit reports.

Eligibility: The tendering process is open to all legally registered local firms who want to participate. All legal registered local firms must be able to document their eligibility in participating according to requirement of the request for proposals.

How to Obtain a Tender Dossier: The tender dossier, which includes all the specifications for the services requested, including evaluation criteria, is available by writing to: [email protected] from November 13th, 2023, to November 24th, 2023.

Questions and Clarifications: Offerors must submit all questions and requests for clarifications regarding this RFP in writing via email to [email protected]

All correspondence regarding this solicitation must reference the RFP number in the subject line. No phone calls or in-person inquiries will be entertained.

Offer Deadline: Proposals must be submitted in electronic format to [email protected] ; no later than 16:00 Kosovo local time on November 28th, 2023. Late offers will be rejected except under extraordinary circumstances at DAI’s discretion.

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