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About the Project, Prishtina Schools

IFC has been mandated by the Municipality of Pristina to structure a PPP for the design, construction and operation of 5 schools (The “Project”). The Project includes the preparation of the legal and technical due diligences, preparation of the contractual agreement and organization of the bidding process. As part of the Project, the Municipality of Pristina is required to perform and complete certain tasks related to, but not limited to, the sites zoning, acquisition, permitting, as well as undertaking and completing certain administrative and legal processes required for a PPP process.

Scope of Work/Deliverables

IFC is looking to hire a short-term consultant, to be working within the Municipality of Pristina, and be a resource to the Municipality for the completion of tasks necessary in relation to the Project. It is foreseen the Consultant to act as a resource for the Municipality as opposed to be acting as a consultant, and as such, he/she would be required to produce the necessary documents as opposed to advising how the Municipality should produce the documentation.

In particular, the Consultant will be expected to work within the municipality and with the staff of the municipality to:

  • Execute the required administrative and legal process related to land legalization, ownership etc., and any of the required task required for the execution of the project by the Municipality. This would include the realization of necessary administrative documents required.
  • Create and monitor the timeline and list of tasks necessary to be completed by the Municipality for the completion and execution of the Project;
  • Report on a timely basis to IFC and the Deputy Mayor and/or Chief of Cabinet on the progress of the completion of tasks to be executed by the Municipality;
  • Provide working level interaction between the team of the Municipality and the IFC teams working on the Project;


  • At least 5 years’ relevant experience working with authorities in local or central level on task as assigned in ToR
  • Minimum bachelor degree in architecture, urbanism or similar,
  • Language: English -Albanian
  • Demonstrated capacity to perform in public institution environment.


The consultancy is expected to last for 6 months, to be extended potentially to 9 months.

Submission of Application

Please submit your CV and letters of intent, no later than November 30, 2023 to Bernard Atlan ([email protected] ) and Edona Pacarada ([email protected] )

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